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Growth history
Dongjun pass (Dongguan) Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in December 29, 1993 and registered, wholly foreign-owned enterprises. The company has experienced more than 20 years of development, has now become Changping Town, production and export of the total town ranked first in the large domestic and foreign enterprises.

1993:the company set up
1994:cassette player production
1996:internal system
1998: remote control system
1999:MD-CF production
2001: Court of sound production, production began CD Walkman
2002:CD Walkman movement within the system
2003:car audio production began
2004:the establishment of domestic selling company (NBL), digital printers start production
2005:car audio with MG inside, wooden speaker system
2006:car audio with OP DAX system
2007:the production of headphoness, power supply board production, battery assembly began
2008:digital photo frame production began
2009:home theater production began, digital photo frame semi products
2010:Bluetooth speaker production began, digital photo frame TruBlack production
2011:ODM production began, the production of external audio TV
2012:charger production start
2013:Cambpdia, OEM, ODM expand import workshop of MODEL increases
2014:Soundbar, Cambpdia model import production workshop, production model of Bluetooth Headset stability
2015:desktop machine introduction, power amplifier recorder machine introduction (China, Cambodia works better with traders) in expanding, (MDD/CORD/BLOW)

Company history